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Meet Your English Teacher

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Hi everyone!

My name is Bri and I’m going to be your English teacher!

Who is Bri?

Hi, I'm Bri, an English teacher who has been teaching since 2007. Originally from the United States, I moved to Japan for University and started teaching part-time. It wasn't long before I fell in love with teaching English as a second language. Teaching ESL has become my passion, and I have been fortunate enough to travel the world while teaching students of all ages and backgrounds.

In addition to my teaching, I also create YouTube videos where I share my knowledge and teach English to people from all over the world. My love for teaching and sharing knowledge has led me to create my blog, which aims to help both students and teachers in the ESL community. Through my blog, I hope to provide helpful tips, resources, and lessons that can be used both in the classroom and at home.

Join me on this exciting journey as we explore the world of ESL education and share in the joy of learning a new language. Let's work together to help students achieve their language goals and to make teaching English as a second language fun and engaging for everyone!

How to Learn English with Me

I teach free lessons on both YouTube and Facebook! For more intensive lessons, please check out my courses!


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