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Mastering Causative Verbs - Have, Get, Make, Let, Help

Hello students! Today, I did a live lesson on causative verbs. These verbs, including "have," "get," "make," "let," and "help," play a pivotal role in expressing how actions are influenced or caused by someone other than the subject. Understanding their nuances will undoubtedly elevate your English language skills. Let's delve into each causative verb along with its grammar structure and examples.

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Master Causative Verbs - Have, Get, Make, Let, and Help

1. "Have":

Grammar Structure: Have + Object + Base Form of the Main Verb

OR Have + Object + Past Participle


  1. She had her car serviced before the road trip.

  2. We had our house painted last summer.

  3. He had his assistant schedule the meeting.

  4. They had their children practice the piano every day.

  5. The manager had the team submit their reports by Friday.

2. "Get":

Grammar Structure: Get + Object +To+ Base Form of the Main Verb

OR Get + Object + Past Participle


  1. I get my hair cut at the salon every month.

  2. She gets her groceries delivered to her doorstep.

  3. They got the mechanic to fix their car.

  4. He gets his shoes repaired at the cobbler downtown.

  5. We got the kids to finish their homework before dinner.

Grammar Structure: Make + Object + Base Form of the Main Verb


  1. He made his employees complete the training program.

  2. She makes her son eat vegetables every day.

  3. We made our friends watch the new movie with us.

  4. They made the students redo their assignments.

  5. I made my brother apologize for his mistake.

4. "Let":

Grammar Structure: Let + Object + Base Form of the Main Verb


  1. She let her children stay up late on weekends.

  2. I let my friend borrow my favorite book.

  3. They let the dog play in the backyard.

  4. He let his sister use his computer for the presentation.

  5. We let our guests choose the music for the party.

5. "Help":

Grammar Structure: Help + Object + Base Form of the Main Verb


  1. I helped my sister organize her room.

  2. They help their parents cook dinner on special occasions.

  3. She helps her colleagues understand complex tasks.

  4. He helped the team prepare for the competition.

  5. We help our friends move to a new apartment.

Mastering causative verbs opens up a world of expressive possibilities in English. Practice incorporating these verbs into your conversations, and soon you'll find yourself using them with confidence.

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