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Top 10 Essential English Words for TOEIC Success

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

If you're preparing for the TOEIC exam, mastering key English words is crucial. In today's lesson I will present the top 10 words you must know, along with definitions and practical examples, to boost your TOEIC performance. So, get your pencil ready and let's master these words! Here are the top 10 TOEIC words that you must know! Are you studying English? Sign up for my courses and boost your language learning!

1. Proficient (adj.): Skilled, competent

Example: Sarah is a proficient speaker of English, effortlessly expressing her ideas during the TOEIC speaking test.

2. Analyze (v.): Examine in detail

Example: In the TOEIC reading section, candidates are required to analyze passages to answer comprehension questions accurately.

3. Efficient (adj.): Productive, capable of achieving desired results with minimal wasted effort

Example: John's efficient time management enabled him to complete all the TOEIC tasks within the allocated timeframe.

4. Collaborate (v.): Work together, cooperate

Example: The team members collaborated effectively during the TOEIC writing section, producing a well-structured response.

5. Promote (v.): Encourage, support

Example: The company's HR department promotes language training programs to help employees improve their TOEIC scores.

6. Comprehend (v.): Understand, grasp the meaning

Example: It is important to comprehend the TOEIC listening passages accurately to answer the related questions correctly.

7. Evaluate (v.): Assess, judge the quality or value

Example: The TOEIC speaking section evaluates candidates' ability to express themselves clearly and coherently.

8. Enhance (v.): Improve, make better

Example: Practicing vocabulary regularly can enhance your TOEIC performance, particularly in the reading and listening sections.

9. Adapt (v.): Adjust, modify according to circumstances

Example: Successful TOEIC test takers learn to adapt their strategies based on the specific requirements of each section.

10. Acquire (v.): Obtain, gain possession or knowledge of

Example: By consistently studying and using English, you can acquire the language skills necessary to excel in the TOEIC exam.

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Knowing the right vocabulary can significantly impact your TOEIC score. So, by familiarizing yourself with these top 10 words you'll be well-equipped to tackle the various sections of the exam confidently. Remember to practice and apply these words in context for optimal results. Good luck on your TOEIC journey!


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