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Free Printable Fiction Stories and Reading Comprehension Worksheets for Third Graders

If you're looking to help your third-grader improve their reading skills, you can use these fiction stories and reading comprehension free printable worksheets. The stories are written at a third-grade level and are also recommended for ESL students. It's important for a teacher, parent, or tutor to assist the child in reading and understanding the text and to help answer any questions they may have.

Fiction Stories

Click on the fiction story that you would like to download from the list below:

Finding Confidence on the Court

A young student describes their experience joining a basketball team, initially feeling intimidated but gaining confidence with the help of their coach and ultimately succeeding with their team.

Overcoming Roller Coaster Jitters

A child initially felt nervous about riding the biggest and fastest roller coaster in the amusement park but decided to give it a try, finding it scary but exhilarating and learning that being scared is just a part of the adventure.

Sophie, the Bookworm

Sophie is a curious and book-loving girl who spends her free time reading and exploring the library, despite her friends calling her a "bookworm," and dreams of becoming an author.