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3 Expressions for Fluent English Conversation

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Hello, English learners! Today, I'm excited to be your linguistic guide as we explore three expressions that will add a touch of fluency to your everyday conversations. We all know that stumbling over words can be a challenge, but fear not – these expressions are here to help you navigate through discussions effortlessly. If you want to be able to speak smoothly, then these expressions are great to remember!

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3 Expressions for Fluent English Conversation

1. As I was saying:

Ever found yourself in a conversation, only to realize you forgot to mention something crucial? "As I was saying" is your perfect rescue phrase. It allows you to seamlessly pick up where you left off, ensuring that your thoughts flow smoothly and coherently.

Example: "I visited the museum last weekend, and as I was saying, the art collection was truly impressive. The variety of styles and periods they had on display was captivating. As I was saying, the curator mentioned that they're planning a special exhibit next month."

2. Speaking of:

"Speaking of" is a versatile and powerful expression that acts as a bridge between topics. It enables you to smoothly transition from one subject to another, keeping the conversation dynamic and engaging.

Example: "I heard you're planning a trip to Japan. Speaking of travel, have you decided on your itinerary yet? Speaking of itineraries, I recently came across a fantastic travel blog that might give you some inspiration."

3. If you ask me:

Expressing your opinions is a crucial aspect of any conversation, and "If you ask me" is your go-to phrase for doing just that. It adds a personal touch to your statements, making your perspective more inviting and conversational.

Example: "If you ask me, the best part of living in a multicultural city is the incredible diversity of food. If you ask me, there's always something new to try, and it's a culinary adventure every time I step out of my door."

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Mastering these three expressions for fluent English conversation is like unlocking secret pathways to fluency. As you integrate "As I was saying," "Speaking of," and "If you ask me" into your daily conversations, you'll notice a remarkable difference in how smoothly you navigate discussions. Language is a tool for connection, and with these expressions, you're equipped to forge connections with confidence and finesse.

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