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English Dictation Lesson - Vocabulary Explained

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Dictation exercises are an excellent way to improve your English language skills and expand your vocabulary. This blog post is designed to go hand in hand with my dictation lesson found on YouTube. You can watch it here:

In this blog post, we will delve into the five challenging sentences used in my dictation lesson and explore the meanings of some difficult words. Let's get started!

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1. The girl was craving a cup of hot chocolate.

  • Craving (noun/verb): A strong desire or longing for something. Explanation: In this sentence, "craving" refers to a deep and intense desire for a cup of hot chocolate. It represents a powerful yearning or longing for something specific.

2. The author's eloquent words captivated the audience.

  • Eloquent (adjective): Fluent, articulate, and persuasive in speech or writing.

  • Captivated (adjective): Enthralled or deeply engrossed in something. Explanation: Here, "eloquent" describes the author's ability to express thoughts and ideas in a clear, persuasive, and skillful manner. "Captivated" signifies the audience's intense fascination or interest in the author's words.

3. The diligent student meticulously completed her assignment.

  • Diligent (adjective): Hardworking, conscientious, and thorough in one's efforts.

  • Meticulous (adjective): Extremely careful, precise, and attentive to details. Explanation: "Diligent" portrays the student's persistent and dedicated approach towards completing her assignment. "Meticulous" emphasizes her careful attention to detail, ensuring thoroughness and accuracy in her work.

4. The entrepreneur established a successful startup company.

  • Entrepreneur (noun): An individual who starts and manages a business, typically taking on financial risks.

  • Startup (noun): A newly established business, often with an innovative product or service. Explanation: An "entrepreneur" is a person who initiates and oversees the creation of a business venture, taking on the associated risks and responsibilities. A "startup" refers to a newly formed business enterprise, usually characterized by innovation, new ideas, and a unique product or service offering.

5. The surgeon performed a delicate operation with precision.

  • Delicate (adjective): Requiring careful handling, sensitive, or easily damaged.

  • Precision (noun): The quality of being accurate, exact, and consistent. Explanation: In this sentence, "delicate" describes the nature of the operation, indicating that it required careful handling due to its sensitivity or fragility. "Precision" emphasizes the surgeon's ability to execute the procedure with accuracy, meticulousness, and consistency.

Dictation Tip: To improve your dictation skills, it is essential to practice active listening. Pay close attention to the speaker's pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm. Familiarize yourself with the context of the sentence, which can provide clues to the correct spelling of unfamiliar words. Remember to maintain a steady pace and stay focused throughout the dictation exercise.

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Dictation exercises not only enhance your listening and writing skills but also offer opportunities to learn new vocabulary. By understanding the meanings of challenging words encountered in dictation, you can expand your language proficiency and effectively communicate in various contexts. So, embrace dictation as a valuable tool in your language-learning journey, and keep exploring the depths of vocabulary to unlock the full potential of your linguistic abilities!

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