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Advanced English Vocabulary That You Should Know

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Do you want to improve your English and sound smarter? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here is a list of four words that appear frequently on English tests and even on standardized testing in the United States. These words will come in handy for any English speaker!

Study the following words and don’t forget to take the test at the end!


Exude is a verb that means to have and display a lot of an emotion. The word exude is often paired with feelings like love, pain, passion, and confidence.


Even though it was his first day on the job, he exuded confidence.

Throughout the film his face exudes pain and suffering.


Avert is a verb that means to turn away. It usually refers to one’s eyes or thoughts.


Every time the teacher asked the class a question, she would quickly avert her gaze.

She tried to avert her thoughts from the painful memory.

A second meaning is to prevent something bad from happening.


When it comes to climate change, many think we are not doing enough to avert a crisis.

War was successfully averted.


Ostracize is a verb that means to intentionally exclude someone from a group, society, or activity.


He was ostracized from the community after making several insensitive remarks.

Her colleagues ostracized her after she made a mistake that cost the company thousands of dollars.


Divulge is a verb that means to make something secret or private known. Synonyms for divulge include reveal, expose, and disclose.


She is a woman of her word and would never divulge our secrets.

He decided not to divulge his plans to his family.

Now that you know these advanced English words, take the test and see how well you do!

If you would like to learn more advanced English words, I have a whole playlist that you can look through.

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